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I know how frustrated you are with your PCOS symptoms. Nothing seems to work and you dread starting another diet. You want PEACE with PCOS.

Well, you’re in the right place!

I help women with PCOS balance their hormones so they can eliminate their symptoms while experiencing peace with their bodies and food. No dieting required!

The Ultimate PCOS-Friendly Meal Guide

A PCOS-friendly guide with over 130 meal ideas + recipes, PLUS a 14-day sample meal plan and bonus tips.


Virtual PCOS nutrition coaching to help you balance your hormones without dieting, so you can eliminate symptoms + find peace with your body and food.


Read my latest posts on managing PCOS + find new recipes and meal ideas you’ll love!

PCOS Nutrition

with Katie Massman – Dietitian

I’m Katie Massman, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. I help busy women with PCOS balance hormones, without dieting, so they can eliminate symptoms and experience peace with their bodies and food!

“Katie’s nutrition expertise and incredible coaching skills helped me cut through all the roadblocks that were keeping me stuck. I learned so many valuable tools and skills that will help me thrive with PCOS for the rest of my life.”