Jump into your day with energy + nourishment with these PCOS breakfast ideas. 

It is crystal clear that breakfast is important, I’d even say the most important meal of the day. If you’re not eating breakfast at all, this is an excellent starting point in your PCOS journey. 

Breakfast is the first chance to nourish your body each day, to provide it with energy, and, depending on what you eat, can help you balance blood sugar too. 

Below you’ll find super simple PCOS breakfast ideas that are not only delicious and satisfying, but may also help you to balance blood sugar and provide nutrients that help with inflammation and support fertility. 

How to build a PCOS-friendly breakfast

I’ve found that my clients with PCOS who start eating a satisfying, well-balanced breakfast have more energy throughout the day, have less cravings, and just simply feel better each day. 

If you want to reap the benefits of breakfast, you have to be intentional about what’s on your plate. But no need to overcomplicate.

Here’s what you need to include: 

  • Protein: Strive to include about 20-30g of protein at breakfast, depending on your needs and what feels best to you. Protein helps to stabilize blood sugar and keep you feeling satisfied. Protein examples: eggs, meat, beans, dairy, soy
  • High-fiber carbs: Fiber helps to slow digestion for better blood sugar response, feed good gut bacteria, and can also help to improve inflammation. Fruits, veggies, whole grains, starchy veggies, and beans/legumes are high in fiber. Other foods high in fiber include flaxseed and chia, although these are considered to be fats, not carbs. 
  • Fat: Like protein and fiber, fat helps to balance blood sugar, is very filling and satisfying, provides flavor, helps with nutrient absorption, and unsaturated fats/omega-3s can help improve cholesterol and inflammation. Fat examples: olive oil, avocado, butter, dressings/sauces, nuts, seeds

15 PCOS Breakfast Ideas


  • protein waffles: frozen protein waffles + peanut butter + banana
  • yogurt bowl: greek yogurt + nut butter + granola + berries
  • protein oats: oatmeal + whole milk + protein powder + chopped nuts + fruit
  • cereal: protein/fiber cereal + whole milk/other + turkey bacon + nuts + fruit
  • apples + dip: Greek yogurt (plain) + peanut butter + small amount of honey + flaxseed/granola + apple slices


  • avocado toast: whole grain toast + avocado mash + fried egg + tomato/spinach
  • breakfast hash: scrambled eggs + chopped meat + hashbrowns + pepper/onions
  • egg sandwich: sourdough toast + fried eggs + bacon + tomato + fruit
  • burrito: tortilla + black beans + eggs + cheese + peppers/onions
  • sausage skillet: breakfast chicken sausage + sweet potato chunks + onion + spinach


  • smoothie: Greek yogurt or kefir + frozen fruit + spinach + flaxseed + avocado
  • bento: boiled eggs + yogurt + nuts + fruit + cucumber + muffin
  • prepared: greek yogurt cup + nut/granola bar + banana
  • muffin: homemade muffin + boiled eggs + trail mix
  • egg cups: baked egg muffin/cups + apple + peanut butter
on-the-go PCOS breakfast idea

Make It Easy Breakfast Tips

Plan ahead. Choose 1-2 breakfast options for each week. You can eat them on repeat for a few days and switch it up the next week if you’re bored.

Have a no-cook, ready-to-go option. My clients say time is the biggest issue in the morning. Be ready with an on-the-go option in case you can’t spend 5 minutes making a hot breakfast.

Keep a breakfast option at work, if possible. Yogurt and trail mix are great options to keep in or near your workspace for when you’re in a pinch.

Save your more time-consuming breakfasts for the weekend.

Eat Breakfast for PCOS: Final Thoughts

Eating breakfast has major benefits for PCOS, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Choose 1-2 PCOS breakfast ideas each week to enjoy. Focus on how you can nourish your body and how it feels to eat breakfast daily. 

I think you’ll be surprised what a full and satisfying breakfast can do for you!

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