Avoid that afternoon slump and energize your body with these PCOS lunch ideas.  

Eating a well-balanced lunch can help you keep blood sugar levels in check, provide you with ample energy for an afternoon of work, and is another great opportunity to include some nutrient-rich foods for managing your PCOS + supporting fertility. 

Below you’ll find easy on-the-go PCOS lunch ideas that are both delicious and quick, so you can easily pack a great lunch each morning before you head out (or throw it together in just a few minutes at home).

How to build a PCOS-friendly lunch

I’ve found that my clients with PCOS who start eating a well-balanced lunch have an easier time getting through the “afternoon slump” and don’t feel starving when they get home after work. You can do this, too, and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Here’s what you need to include: 

  • Protein: Strive to include about 20-30g of protein at lunch, depending on your needs and what feels best to you. Protein helps to stabilize blood sugar and keep you feeling satisfied. Protein examples: eggs, meat, beans, dairy, soy
  • High-fiber carbs: Fiber helps to slow digestion for better blood sugar response, feed good gut bacteria, and can also help to improve inflammation. Fruits, veggies, whole grains, starchy veggies, and beans/legumes are high in fiber. Other foods high in fiber include flaxseed and chia, although these are considered to be fats, not carbs. 
  • Fat: Like protein and fiber, fat helps to balance blood sugar, is very filling and satisfying, provides flavor, helps with nutrient absorption, and unsaturated fats/omega-3s can help improve cholesterol and inflammation. Fat examples: olive oil, avocado, butter, dressings/sauces, nuts, seeds

Below you’ll find simple foods combined together (protein, fat, fiber/carbs) to create a well-balanced meal for PCOS.

20 Simple PCOS Lunch Ideas

  • chicken salad: lettuce + grilled chicken + avocado + tomato + dressing + crackers
  • soup + sandwich: veggie soup + turkey/cheese sandwich
  • tuna bento: tuna + guacamole + crackers + carrots + fruit slices
  • chicken wrap: chicken + guacamole + pepper in a wrap + almonds + grapes
  • turkey bento: turkey slices + hummus + snap peas + trail mix + apples
  • egg salad: egg salad + grainy crackers/chips + lettuce + cherry tomatoes + berries
  • nachos: black beans + salsa + tortilla chips + bell peppers + cheese + guacamole
  • pesto pasta salad: grilled chicken chunks + pesto + chickpea pasta + chopped spinach + cherry tomatoes
  • Mediterranean bento box: sliced chicken breast + hummus + grainy crackers + olives + grape tomatoes + feta
  • Greek salad: chicken + feta + greens + cucumber + dressing with sliced bread
  • egg bento box: boiled eggs + white cheddar cheese + oat bites + carrots + apple slices
  • tuna sandwich: tuna salad + cucumber + lettuce + whole grain bread with fresh berries
  • spicy tuna lettuce wraps: canned tuna + spicy mayo + red bell peppers + romaine leaves with fruit salad on-the-side
  • turkey avocado sandwich: turkey slices + mash avocado + lettuce + whole grain bread with veggies + dip
  • chicken pesto wrap: chicken breast sliced + avocado slices + arugula + tortilla wrap  with cucumber slices + orange
  • cobb salad: romaine lettuce (chopped) + boiled egg + chicken chunks + cucumber + dressing with favorite crackers/chips
  • turkey + cheese cracker melts: turkey + cheese (heat/melt cheese) + grainy crackers + veggies + tzatziki 
  • Greek yogurt bento: greek yogurt cup + strawberries + granola + nuts/seeds + sliced veggies + hummus
  • pita pocket chicken salad: rotisserie chicken (chopped) + mayo/greek yogurt + onion + apple (small chunks) + arugula in a pita pocket
  • leftovers: my personal favorite; pack up a lunch the night before from dinner leftovers!
pcos-friendly lunch tuna salad
spicy tuna salad

Love these simple lunch ideas and want more ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks AND desserts? 

Check out The Ultimate PCOS-Friendly Meal Guide for 130+ meal and snack ideas!

PCOS Lunch: Final Thoughts

Never skip lunch. I know how easy it is to work through lunch and ignore the hunger. But don’t do it! Practice taking care of your body. Eating a well-balanced lunch each day is a simple way to nourish your body with PCOS. 

Try planning 1-2 lunch options for each week. This way you have things on hand, but you’re not overwhelming yourself with trying to do something different every single day. 

Take it a step further and eat your lunch at a table without distractions (like technology).

And most of all enjoy it (and don’t be afraid to add a little dessert from time to time)!