Are you feeling snack-y but not sure what the most PCOS-friendly snacks would be?

Often times I find clients with PCOS questioning whether or not snacks are okay to eat at all. The answer is YES!

I get requests for PCOS-friendly snack recommendations all the time on Instagram.

Below I’m sharing my best, dietitian-approved ideas for making satisfying PCOS-friendly snacks.

Let’s get snackin’!

When to eat a snack

First, it’s important to note that if you’re feeling “snacky” all day, all the time, this isn’t normal. You could be dealing with insulin resistance, blood sugar issues, or not having adequate meals. You need to address this first.

Otherwise, to me, snacks are simply another opportunity for nourishment and can be helpful, even for those with PCOS.

Some people don’t need a snack between meals, and that’s okay!

But many others do, especially if your meals are spaced further apart.

If it’s been a bit too long between meals, more than 3-4 hours, a satisfying snack is probably a good idea.

PCOS-friendly snacks between meals can help:

  • keep blood sugar balanced
  • provide energy and nutrition
  • prevent you from getting too hungry or overeating later

How to make the best snack for PCOS

Here’s my best tips to making PCOS-friendly snacks:

  • Make it a combo: Include a combo of protein or fat PLUS a carbohydrate/fiber food. This helps keep blood sugar and insulin balanced, while providing the energy your body needs. This is important because those with PCOS often have insulin resistance, which drives symptoms.
  • Plan and prepare: Include your snack combos in your meal plan or when you grocery shop. Prepare your snacks ahead of time, if needed, so they are ready-to-go for the week. And plan them into your day, anticipate when you’ll need one.
  • Include an easy to-go snack: When we’re out and about, it’s nice to have a snack when hunger strikes and prevent yourself from getting low blood sugar. Nuts, trail mix, or protein bars work well.
  • Keep it simple. You’re welcome to make a recipe, but you can simply combine two foods together for a quick and easy snack.

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See the list below for ideas, and feel free to mix and match! 

31 PCOS-friendly snacks

  1. Greek yogurt + peach + nuts
  2. Shredded mozzarella + pepperoni + crackers
  3. PCOS-Friendly Breakfast: Peanut Butter Oat Bites
  4. Apple slices + warm peanut butter 
  5. Skyr yogurt + peanut butter + apples
  6. Nectarine slices + almonds + cinnamon
  7. Hummus + bell peppers
  8. Roasted chickpeas + orange
  9. Bean dip + grainy chips or crackers
  10. Salsa + black bean chips 
  11. Tzatziki dip + veggies
  12. Peaches + pecans
  13. Cheese + crackers
  14. Cheese stick + Love Corn
  15. Boiled eggs + melon
  16. Avocado toast
  17. Protein waffle + almond butter
  18. Mixed nuts + chocolate
  19. Guacamole + veggies
  20. Whole grain bread + turkey slices
  21. Peanut butter sandwich
  22. Trail mix
  23. Meat stick + veggies + dip
  24. Cottage cheese + pineapple
  25. Tuna + crackers
  26. Easy Peach-Strawberry Smoothie for PCOS
  27. Oatmeal + protein powder + ground flaxseed
  28. Leftovers from dinner
  29. Muffin + boiled eggs
  30. Chicken salad + crackers
  31. Nut/granola bar like KIND Nut Bars

Tips and Takeaways

Snacks are an easy way to nourish your body and PCOS.

Plan and prepare snacks that include a protein/fat food paired with a carb/fiber food.

Choose a few snack ideas from this list above to keep on hand.

Want more PCOS-friendly meal and snack ideas? Check out the Ultimate PCOS-Friendly Meal Guide for over 130 meal ideas + recipes!

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Happy snacking!