I can remember a time when I was in my kitchen beginning to cook, and could feel my anxiety growing. We had just had my son, and the new supplies for baby feeding were flooding my kitchen. Everything was disorganized and just too much! I didn’t want to cook, it was annoying and frustrating to be in my kitchen. Something had to change. 

Lowering your stress in the kitchen is essential to being a well-nourished mom and family. Spending your energy and frustrations on disorganized cooking doesn’t leave much room for giving your attention to intuitively eating and finding joy in feeding your family. 

An organized kitchen lowers stress and anxiety, and makes it more likely that you will want to cook. If you’re not searching for utensils and ingredients, you’ll be saving tons of time, too!

Specifically, food organization is especially helpful because you can easily pick out ingredients from different food groups, see what you have, meal plan, and build meals easily on-the-go. One of my recommendations for meal planning is to choose 3-5 foods from different food groups to make a satisfying and nutrient-dense meal. This simplifies meal planning exponentially!

The following are my top 4 tips to staying organized in the kitchen! 

  1. Be a minimalist (or try to think like one!). Too much stuff, too many gadgets, duplicates, one-use items—all of that leads to clutter and overwhelm. It’s hard to cook in a kitchen that is cluttered with stuff. If you need to, go through your cabinets and drawers, and rid of stuff you never or rarely use, or have in excess. If you have items you rarely use but want to keep, store them away from the things you use everyday. Designate a spot (a drawer or cabinet) for these items. You’ll be surprised how great it feels to do this! And lastly, don’t buy stuff you don’t really need or you won’t use often. I know it’s hard to not give in to Pampered Chef, but avoid it at all costs! 
  2. Make sure everything has a place. AND let the whole family know it! It’s different and stressful to cook when you can’t find stuff. 
  3. Organize your food into groups. For example, the pantry can be organized into grains, snacks, canned goods, proteins, oils, and spices. The refrigerator may be organized into condiments, leftovers, snacks, dairy/eggs, meats, and produce. Use container to help you keep items organized. 
  4. Clean out your refrigerator every week. The perfect time to do this is before grocery shopping. This seems so simple but it doesn’t always get done. Have the kiddos help you! Do the same with the freezer and pantry at least a couple times per month.

Do these things and you’ll be on your way to a stress-free, organized kitchen!