These 85 PCOS-friendly meals and snacks will get you out of the meal-rut and help you nourish your body with PCOS.

The best part: No need to leave out carbs or go to extremes. 

I’ve found that my clients with PCOS who start eating a well-balanced meals feel more energized throughout the day, feel full and satisfied, have better blood sugar and insulin levels, and more easily manage PCOS symptoms. You can do this, too, and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Inside the blog post, I’ll share 85 different PCOS-friendly meals and snacks to inspire you and help you manage your PCOS with ease.

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Why Nutrition Matters with PCOS

If you have PCOS you’ve probably experienced symptoms such as fatigue, hirsutism, weight gain, irregular periods, and more. These symptoms result from hormone issues driven primarily by insulin resistance and chronic inflammation. These can also lead to other health conditions like diabetes and heart disease, and even issues with pregnancy and fertility.

What you eat has a direct effect on blood sugar/insulin levels and how your body is able to handle inflammation. That means a shift in the way your nourish your body could have a positive impact on your PCOS symptoms! 

I’ve helped hundreds of people with PCOS manage and even reverse their symptoms by improving how they nourish their bodies. 

With that said, understand that there is not a one-size-fits-all diet for PCOS. There are no hard and fast rules, despite what you might see online. The research doesn’t support that! It really is a bit different for each person. 

I do NOT recommend a restrictive diet. Instead I help my clients focus on what to ADD, not restrict, to improve their insulin resistance and inflammation through both nutrition and lifestyle choices. 

In working with hundreds of people with PCOS I’ve found that most find a balanced and well-rounded diet most helpful in improving their symptoms. 

What to Include in PCOS-friendly Meals

  • Protein: Strive to include about 20-30g of protein at each meal, depending on your needs and what feels best to you. Protein helps to stabilize blood sugar and keep you feeling satisfied. Protein examples: eggs, meat, fish, beans, dairy like Greek yogurt or cheese, soy like tofu or edamame. Grains, veggies, nuts, and seeds also have some protein. Strive for lean proteins from quality sources! 
  • Fiber-rich carbs: Fiber helps to slow digestion for better blood sugar response, feed good gut bacteria, and can also help to improve inflammation. Fruits, veggies, whole grains, starchy veggies, and beans/legumes contain fiber. Other foods high in fiber include flaxseed and chia, although these are considered to be fats, not carbs. 
  • Fat: Like protein and fiber, fat helps to balance blood sugar, is very filling and satisfying, provides flavor, helps with nutrient absorption, and unsaturated fats/omega-3s can help improve cholesterol and inflammation. Often fats are included alongside proteins or used in cooking (like oils or butter). Fat examples: olive oil, avocado, butter, dressings/sauces, nuts, seeds, fatty fish.

The “balance” of these foods is key here. See the plate example below. Again, no hard and fast rules, but this is a starting point you may find helpful. Adjust to your own needs.

Once you get the balance right, focus on adding in anti-inflammatory foods— such as varied colors of fruits and veggies (especially berries, tomatoes, leafy greens, peppers, broccoli), beans and lentils, seafood, nuts and seeds, olive oil, ginger and garlic, and herbal teas like spearmint or green tea.

Below you’ll find simple foods combined together (protein, fat, fiber/carbs) to create 85 well-balanced PCOS-friendly meals and snacks. 

Note: You may not see all fat sources listed as these are assumed to be used during cooking (oils or butter) or are a part of the protein (meats or fish).

PCOS Breakfast Ideas

  • protein waffles: frozen protein waffles + peanut butter + banana + flaxseed or chia
  • yogurt bowl: greek yogurt + nut butter + granola + berries
  • protein oats: oatmeal + whole milk + protein powder + chopped nuts + fruit
  • cereal: protein/fiber cereal + whole milk/other + turkey bacon + nuts + fruit
  • apples + dip: Greek yogurt (plain) + peanut butter + small amount of honey + flaxseed/granola + apple slices
  • avocado toast: whole grain toast + avocado mash + fried egg + tomato/spinach
  • breakfast hash: scrambled eggs + chopped meat + hashbrowns + pepper/onions
  • egg sandwich: sourdough toast + fried eggs + bacon + cheese+ tomato + fruit
  • burrito: tortilla + black beans + eggs + cheese + peppers/onions
  • sausage skillet: breakfast chicken sausage + sweet potato chunks + onion + spinach
  • smoothie: Greek yogurt or kefir + frozen fruit + spinach + flaxseed + avocado
  • bento: boiled eggs + yogurt + nuts + fruit + cucumber + muffin
  • greek yogurt cup + nut/granola bar + banana
  • homemade muffin + boiled eggs + trail mix
  • egg cups: baked egg muffin/cups + apple + peanut butter

PCOS Lunch Ideas

  • chicken salad: lettuce + grilled chicken + avocado + tomato + dressing + crackers
  • soup + sandwich: veggie soup + turkey/cheese sandwich
  • tuna bento: tuna + guacamole + crackers + carrots + fruit slices (try this spicy tuna salad)
  • chicken wrap: chicken + guacamole + pepper in a wrap + almonds + grapes
  • turkey bento: turkey slices + hummus + snap peas + trail mix + apples
  • egg salad: egg salad + grainy crackers/chips + lettuce + cherry tomatoes + berries
  • nachos: black beans + salsa + tortilla chips + bell peppers + cheese + guacamole
  • pesto pasta salad: grilled chicken chunks + pesto + chickpea pasta + chopped spinach + cherry tomatoes
  • Mediterranean bento box: sliced chicken breast + hummus + grainy crackers + olives + grape tomatoes + feta
  • Greek salad: chicken + feta + greens + cucumber + dressing with sliced bread
  • egg bento box: boiled eggs + white cheddar cheese + oat bites + carrots + apple slices
  • tuna sandwich: tuna salad + cucumber + lettuce + whole grain bread with fresh berries
  • spicy tuna lettuce wraps: canned tuna + spicy mayo + red bell peppers + romaine leaves with fruit salad on-the-side
  • turkey avocado sandwich: turkey slices + mash avocado + lettuce + whole grain bread with veggies + dip
  • chicken pesto wrap: chicken breast sliced + avocado slices + arugula + tortilla wrap  with cucumber slices + orange
  • cobb salad: romaine lettuce (chopped) + boiled egg + chicken chunks + cucumber + dressing with favorite crackers/chips
  • turkey + cheese cracker melts: turkey + cheese (heat/melt cheese) + grainy crackers + veggies + tzatziki 
  • Greek yogurt bento: greek yogurt cup + strawberries + granola + nuts/seeds + sliced veggies + hummus
  • pita pocket chicken salad: rotisserie chicken (chopped) + mayo/greek yogurt + onion + apple (small chunks) + arugula in a pita pocket
  • leftovers: my personal favorite; pack up a lunch the night before from dinner leftovers (see below for dinner ideas)
pcos-friendly lunch tuna salad sandwich

PCOS Dinner Ideas

  • greek salad: chicken+ feta + greens + cucumber + dressing + sliced bread
  • shrimp stir-fry: shrimp + mixed veggies + quinoa + avocado oil
  • turkey burger on bun + roasted broccoli with avocado oil
  • Simple 5-Ingredient Salmon Patties + mac & cheese + carrots
  • bbq rotisserie chicken + pinto beans + green beans
  • pesto chicken bowl: chicken + pasta + pesto + zucchini
  • tostadas with black beans + beef + cheese + salsa + olives + peppers + greens
  • chicken and rice bowl: chopped chicken + sauteed bell peppers/onions + wild rice
  • breakfast for dinner: eggs with veggies, bacon, toast with jam, fruit salad
  • stuffed bell pepper with pre-cooked beef + black beans + cheese + onions
  • Creamy Cauliflower Chicken Soup + homemade bread or roll
  • Three-Bean White Chicken Chili
  • steak fajitas: steak + peppers/onions + corn tortillas + toppings
  • baked salmon: salmon + sauce/seasonings of your choice + broccoli + roasted potatoes
  • beef roast + carrots + potatoes
  • beef + veggie soup + homemade bread
  • three bean chili: chili beans + chickpeas + black beans + onions + diced tomatoes/sauce + chili powder + cheese
  • chicken tenders + mashed potatoes + green beans/onions
  • pulled beef/pork + black bean summer salad
  • pizza + salad: homemade pizza with toppings + spring salad with chicken + vinaigrette 
  • chicken + zucchini skillet: chopped chicken + zucchini cooked in avocado oil + fruit on the side

PCOS Snack Ideas

  • Greek yogurt + peach + nuts
  • shredded mozzarella + pepperoni + crackers
  • PCOS-Friendly Breakfast: Peanut Butter Oat Bites
  • apple slices + warm peanut butter 
  • skyr yogurt + peanut butter + apples
  • nectarine slices + almonds + cinnamon
  • hummus + bell peppers
  • roasted chickpeas + orange
  • bean dip + grainy chips or crackers
  • salsa + black bean chips 
  • tzatziki dip + veggies
  • peaches + pecans
  • cheese + crackers
  • cheese stick + Love Corn
  • boiled eggs + melon
  • avocado toast
  • protein waffle + almond butter
  • mixed nuts + chocolate
  • guacamole + veggies
  • whole grain bread + turkey slices
  • peanut butter sandwich
  • trail mix
  • meat stick + veggies + dip
  • cottage cheese + pineapple
  • tuna + crackers
  • Easy Peach-Strawberry Smoothie for PCOS
  • oatmeal + protein powder + ground flaxseed
  • leftovers from dinner
  • muffin + boiled eggs
  • chicken salad + crackers
  • nut/granola bar like KIND Nut Bars

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PCOS Meal Prep Tips

  • Think ahead: plan what you’ll eat each week so you have foods on hand.
  • Pick just 1-2 breakfast and lunch ideas, and 3-5 dinners each week.
  • Utilize leftovers.
  • Make a list and order your groceries (saves time and money).
  • After shopping, cut and prepare foods to have on hand for easy access, like fruits and veggies.
  • If you’d like, make a meal to divide and eat throughout the week. If you’d rather not make the entire meal ahead, just make sure you’re prepared to cook later by prepping parts of the meal.
  • Consider what days you’ll be able to cook (give yourself breaks).
  • Make sure to always have the ingredients for a couple different well-balanced meals on-hand, just in case.

Common PCOS Nutrition Questions

Should I avoid gluten with PCOS?

Current research does not indicate this is true for everyone. It’s likely not necessary and I find most can tolerate it well. However, others may have celiac disease or have a sensitivity. In this case, avoiding it may be helpful. 

Should I avoid dairy with PCOS?

Maybe— if you have a dairy intolerance, dairy should be avoided (especially drinking milk or heavy creams). There is some research that indicates dairy may affect insulin growth factor and can contribute to cystic acne. Removing dairy may be helpful for some, but again, not all people need to remove it. In fact, full-fat dairy may be helpful for fertility. 

Final Thoughts on PCOS-Friendly Meals

A balanced approach to eating can be helpful in improving insulin resistance and inflammation that drives PCOS symptoms. 

There is no one-size-fits-all diet, and there are so many different and delicious ways to eat when you have PCOS! 

Pick a few PCOS-friendly meals to start and go from there!