Want to eliminate your PCOS symptoms AND experience peace with your body and food?

Learn how to balance your hormones without dieting, so you can find peace with PCOS.

Are you burnt out on restrictive and weight-focused diets that have left you in a never-ending diet cycle with food guilt, poor body image, and anxiety around food? 

Are you frustrated by generic PCOS advice to “just lose weight” and “take birth control” from your doctor, or worse “come back when you want to get pregnant”? 

Are you overwhelmed by Dr. Google’s information overload and social media influencers telling you to cut carbs, avoid gluten and dairy, and exercise more leaving you unsure what to do next?

Are you plagued by symptoms like irregular periods, fatigue, hair growth or loss in unwanted places, mood swings, acne, anxiety, uncontrollable cravings, and infertility?


It doesn’t have to be this way!

Imagine if …

You could finally stop dieting and weight cycling forever and have a healthy relationship with your body and food, even with PCOS.

You knew exactly how to nourish your body so that you could eliminate your PCOS symptoms.

You were able to have regular periods, ovulate, improve fertility, and even get pregnant. 

You woke up well-rested, didn’t need a mid-day nap, had no desire to eat the entire pan of brownies, enjoyed movement, and didn’t feel stressed 24/7.


You were able to be full and satisfied, and eat what you enjoy without worry or guilt. 

You could have more energy and brain space to live out your passions and purpose. 

You could understand exactly what’s going on with YOUR body, so that you can work WITH it to balance hormones naturally.

You had a compassionate coach to guide you and answer all your questions so you never had to feel alone again.

Want to make this your reality?


The 1:1 Peace with PCOS Experience is your pathway to eliminate your PCOS symptoms, without dieting. It’s time to invest in yourself and your health, and get the help you need to eliminate your PCOS symptoms and finally find PEACE!

Meet Your Coach

Hi there, I’m Katie! As a Registered Dietitian, I help women with PCOS balance their hormones so they can eliminate their symptoms and experience peace with their bodies and food. 

Unlike restrictive diets and weight-centric approaches, I use an intuitive health and evidence-based approach to help my clients improve PCOS for the long-term so they never have to diet again. 

I also have PCOS myself, which gives me an even deeper understanding and passion to help women with PCOS live well. 

Let’s eliminate your PCOS symptoms and find peace, together!

-Katie Massman, RDN


1:1 Peace with PCOS Experience

How does it work?

The Four Pillars of Peace with PCOS:

1) Make a Plan: Get a full health assessment (labs, symptoms, cycle history, habits) to understand what’s driving your PCOS and a custom step-by-step plan to eliminate your symptoms. 

2) Reset Your Perspective: Build a positive relationship with your body and food, so you can stop dieting, feel confident, and live well with PCOS forever. 

3) Build Your PCOS Plate: Eat to nourish your body with PCOS with foods you enjoy , while balancing your blood sugar, reducing inflammation, and supporting gut health. Fill in the gaps with individual supplement recommendations, if needed.

4) Practice Lifestyle Habits that Help: Create helpful habits for movement, sleep, and stress to address the drivers of PCOS and improve your symptoms. 


What’s Included

The Peace with PCOS Experience includes:

1:1 video coaching sessions + support

access to Peace with PCOS Academy course + community (3 + 6 month options only)

in-dept assessment of medical history, labs, diet, habits, and cycle history

a custom food + supplement + lifestyle plan

unlimited messaging support between sessions


Premier 6-month Experience: $2,250 or $375/month for 6 months (90-minute consult + eight 45-minute follow-ups)

 3-month Experience: $1575 or $525/month for 3 months (90-minute consult + five 45-minute follow-ups)

One-month Mini Experience: $547 total; 90-minute consult, 60-minute follow-up, personalized plan



Discount on provider-grade supplements via Fullscript

Easy-access video modules on a variety of PCOS topics

Peace with PCOS eGuide

PCOS Recipe Library

PCOS Meal Plans

Any tools, resources and handouts available

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

I do not currently take insurance. Each individual is responsible for paying the out-of-pocket fee. You may however attempt to make a claim with your insurance company or pay using HSA/FSA on your own accord.

How long does coaching last?

Coaching lasts a minimum of 3 months. Change takes TIME, especially with PCOS! My coaching program goes step-by-step through my signature process and depending on individual goals and needs, length of coaching can vary.

I'm a busy woman. What's the time commitment?

We will meet by video/phone call for about 45-60 minutes bi-weekly. In addition to that there will be assigned tasks related to your individual goals. These may take a few minutes of your day, but nothing significant. I understand you’re a busy, working woman. So am I! I can help you work in these changes into your current lifestyle and commitments.

Is there a guarantee?

This program’s success is highly dependent on the effort of the participant. Basically, you get out of it what you put in it. Therefore, there is no guarantee.

There’s also no guarantee that you’ll resolve all your PCOS issues or that you’ll become pregnant. No one can promise that. 

However, I want you to succeed and will give you all the support and tools I can in this framework to help you do just that!  I know you can do it!

What My Clients Are Saying

Get the coaching and support your need to find Peace with PCOS!