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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does coaching last?

Coaching lasts a minimum of 3 months. Change takes TIME, especially with PCOS! My coaching program goes step-by-step through my signature process and depending on individual goals and needs, length of coaching can vary.

I'm a busy woman. What's the time commitment?

We will meet by video/phone call for about 45-60 minutes bi-weekly. In addition to that there will be assigned tasks related to your individual goals. These may take a few minutes of your day, but nothing significant. I understand you’re a busy, working woman. So am I! I can help you work in these changes into your current lifestyle and commitments.

Do you take insurance?

I do not currently take insurance. Each individual is responsible for paying the out-of-pocket fee. You may however attempt to make a claim with your insurance company or pay using HAS/FSA on your own accord.

Will it be worth the cost?

Absolutely! 1:1 coaching is the fast track to improving PCOS. You get real answers and a personalized approach to address YOUR needs. This program will set you up for managing PCOS for a lifetime! You don’t have to spend any more time running around in circles, sorting through bogus info/advice, or doing this on your own. 

If you’re truly ready to make the necessary changes to nutrition and lifestyle to address your root causes of PCOS, this program is for you. 

Will I lose weight?

This program uses a weight-neutral approach that promotes body respect and trust. There is significant evidence to say that the pursuit of weight loss is rarely successful long-term and lead to damaged physical and mental health.The changes made through this program may change weight. However, this is not guarunteed, nor is it the main goal. 

Is there a guarantee?

This program’s success is highly dependent on the effort of the participant. Basically, you get out of it what you put in it. Therefore, there is no guarantee.

There’s also no guarantee that you’ll resolve all your PCOS issues or that you’ll become pregnant. No one can promise that. 

However, I want you to succeed and will give you all the support and tools I can in this framework to help you do just that!  I know you can do it!