The Nourished Mom
8 Week Group Nutrition Coaching For Moms

Next session begins: January 12th 

My Busy Mom Nutrition group coaching program will give you the step-by-step framework you need to break away from dieting and simplify nutrition, so you can feel confident and ENJOY food with your family! 

Have you every thought to yourself…


“I don’t want to diet but I don’t know what else to do.”

“I want to feel better about the body I’m in post-baby, but I don’t know how.”

“Everyone around me is on a diet or plan, but I don’t know which direction to go.”

“I really can’t do this alone. I wish someone understood me and what I’m going through.”

“I hope I’m feeding my family the right things. It’s such a big responsibility and I’m worried.”

“How can I possibly take care of myself when I’m taking care of everyone else? It’s just too much!”

You’re not alone, momma! In this program, I help moms like you live a joyful and healthy life free from dieting and food stress, by showing you how to trust your body, find your own structure, feel confident, and simplify food and nutrition. And you won’t do it alone, with myself and other moms like you there for support and guidance!

In the Busy Mom Nutrition program, you will learn to eat intuitively, make food choices with confidence, and build simple meals for you and your family. 

How do I know group coaching is right for me?

Coaching is right for you if:

You want to feel confident in your body.
You want to break food rules and enjoy food without guilt.
You want to find a sustainable and flexible way of eating.
You want nutrition recommendations backed by science (no-fads here!)
You want to be confident in feeding your family nutritious meals.
You want to spend less time planning and preparing meals.
You want support from other moms like you.
You want to live a healthy, joyful life without food rules and stress.


This is NOT for you if:

You are not a mom.
You want a quick fix for weight loss.
You need medical attention or treatment for an eating disorder or other urgent medical conditions.


My 8-week program includes: 

The Complete Guide to Simple Nutrition for Busy Moms (ebook)

This ebook will serve as our guide and workbook for the group coaching program. It contains 8-steps as follows: (1) Embrace Body Respect (2) Break Food Rules (3) Trust Your Body (4) Find Your Way (5) Plan & Prepare (6) Build a Better Food Environment (7) Involve Your Family (8) Be Confident. Within each step is a short reading and activities to guide you in creating change and simplifying nutrition.

(8) 60-Minute Weekly Video Calls

Each week (8 weeks) I will host a 1-hour video conference for the group to discuss each step within the guide in-depth. We will also discuss each mom’s struggles, successes, and questions, and solve problems as needed. 

Goal Setting, Support, and Accountability

This program is limited to a maxium of 5 moms, which provides you with 1:1 attention from me and the ability to get to know the other moms in the program. Each week you will set 1-3 goals to accomplish, pertaining to each step of the program and your individual needs. I will check-in with you each week to support and provide guidance with your personal goals. My clients are able to contact me between sessions as well. PLUS, you’ll be part of an exclusive Facebook group for 24/7 support and guidance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does coaching last?

Coaching last 8 weeks! Change takes TIME! My coaching program goes step-by-step through my signature process and provides you with time (and support) to make sustainable change.

I'm a busy mom. What's the time commitment?

We will meet by vido call once per week. In addition to that there will be assigned tasks related to your individual goals. These may take a few minutes of your day, but nothing significant. I understand you’re a busy, working mom. So am I! I can help you work in these changes into your current lifestyle and commitments.

What is included? Do you take insurance?

You will receive weekly group calls/indiviual check-ins, email/messaging support, and relevant individualized guides and documents (step-by-step guides, meal ideas with recipes, and more).

Group coaching price: $199 (total for all 8 weeks– that’s just $25/week!)

I do not currently take insurance. Each individual is responsible for paying the out-of-pocket fee. You may however attempt to make a claim with your insurance company or pay using HAS/FSA on your own accord.

Will it be worth the cost?

If you are truly ready to learn how to find a way of eating that works for you, be confident in your body and in making nutrition choices for you and your family, while actually enjoying food, then I say YES! 

If you want to avoid waking up as a 50 year old woman on a Monday, ready to start her new diet for the hundreth time, then I say YES! 

If you want to feel energized, healthy, and set an example for your family in caring for yourself and them, then I say YES! 

Whatever your goals and needs may be, I want you to succeed and we won’t quit! 

I’ve spent YEARS learning nutrition, earning my Registered Dietitian credentials, and have coached hundreds of women to use nutrition as one means of living a healthy, happy life. I know I can help you, too!


Will i lose weight?

The aim of this coaching program is to guide moms through the framework to help them confidently provide simple and joyful nutrition for themselves and their family for a lifetime, empower them to find a way of eating that helps them feel their best, and create less stress about nutrition.

This is a weight-neutral approach that promotes body respect and trust. The changes made through this program may change weight. However, this is not guaranteed.

Is there a guarantee?

This program’s success is highly dependent on the effort of the participant. Basically, you get out of it what you put in it. Therefore, there is no guarantee. 

However, I want you to succeed! And will give you all the support and tools I can in this framework to help you do just that!  I know you can do it! 

Get started in living a more joyful life without food stress!