The Complete Guide to Simple Nutrition for Busy Moms


A complete guide to simplifying nutrition for busy moms and families! Includes 8 steps with actions to implement non-diet strategies to reduce stress and build confidence at mealtime. Plus, meal ideas, a master grocery list, invitation to a private Facebook group, and more!


Moms--Have you thought to yourself:

“I don’t want to diet but I don’t know what else to do.”
“I want to feel better about the body I’m in post-baby, but I don’t know how.”
“Everyone around me is on a diet or plan, but I don’t know which direction to go.”
“I really can’t do this alone. I wish someone understood me and what I’m going through.”
“I hope I’m feeding my family the right things. It’s such a big responsibility and I’m worried.”
“How can I possibly take care of myself when I’m taking care of everyone else? It’s just too much!”

You’re not alone, momma! In this guide, I help moms like you live a joyful and healthy life free from dieting and food stress, by showing you how to trust your body, find your own structure, feel confident, and simplify food and nutrition. You'll get help with staying organized for mealtime and involving your family, too! And you won’t do it alone, with myself and other moms like you there for support and guidance via our bonus Facebook group!

This 56-page guide includes 8 steps to finding simplicity, confidence, and joy in nutrition, while bridging the gap between rigid structure and no structure at all. You will learn how to:
-reduce mealtime stress by simplifying nutrition
-feel confident in your mom bod and the way you feed it
-develop a positive relationship with food and never diet again
-make food choice that help you feel energized and healthy
-build sustainable healthy habits for you and your family
-stay organized and prepared at mealtimes to save time and money (you're busy enough already!)
-find joy in food again!

8 Steps to Simple Nutrition
1) Embrace Body Respect
2) Break Food Rules
3) Trust Your Body
4) Find Your Way
5) Plan and Prepare
6) Build a Better Food Environment
7) Involve Your Family
8) Be Confident

Within each step you will find activities and action steps to encourage you to explore your thoughts, beliefs, goals, and make a plan of action to improve nutrition and health for you and your family. Plus, I've included TONS of resources to help you plan and prepare meals including meal ideas, a meal planning guide, a master grocery list, a kitchen organization guide, and my best tips for easy meal prep!

The goal of this guide is simply to make your mom-life easier, so you can feel energized, focus less on food, and spend more time living a joy-filled life with your family!