Imagine a time when you don’t question your food choices. Imagine a time when you don’t have to decline a cookie your kiddo wants to share with you. Imagine a time when you’re not fearful or confused by the constant food rules society throws at you. Imagine a time when you’re not dreading a family event because off-limits food will be there. Imagine a time when you trust your body and mind to tell you what it needs for nourishment.

All those time you imagined are what food freedom looks like.

So does that mean you’ll be eating ice cream all day long?

Probably not, unless you really want to. It means you get to choose based on what’s right for you at the time. You get to give up the rules and expectations. You can enjoy food again for what it is. You can eat in a way that suits you as an individual.

This may make you a bit nervous. I get it! Although it may seem like rules and restriction help guide you (and in some ways they do), in the case of food, they can cause stress and guilt. I’m not here for that!

Many are afraid to have no rules. But no rules doesn’t mean you’ll be eating donuts and pizza constantly (although you have full permission to do so). Instead you’ll be using your own internal cues to guide and choose foods that make you feel your best. You can find your own structure, patterns, and foods unique to you.

It’s more likely that you’ll find a happy-medium that allows you to enjoy foods you love and still feel great!

Letting go of food rules and embracing food freedom helps simplify nutrition for moms by removing stress of restriction and diet rules, guilt from “giving-in”, and allows you to really start listening to your body.

Are you ready for food freedom?