Even though snacking has a bad reputation, eating snacks with PCOS isn’t a bad thing. Hear me out!

It’s 3pm and you’re starving. You’ve got at least two hours until dinner. What do you do?

Wait it out and then scarf down your dinner (a bit too fast and too much), and feel less than great?

Or be prepared with a satisfying snack that provides energy and satisfies you until the next meal? 

Obviously, the latter sounds much better. 

You may hear that snacking is “bad”. It’s not. It can provide much needed energy, stabilize blood sugar between meals, and prevent hanger and overeating later. 

However, if you feel like you’re snacking all the time, you may consider why this is happening. I often see that people do this when they are not eating enough at meals or skipping meals, not eating enough protein, eating due to stress or emotion, dieting, or because of hunger and cravings due to insulin resistance. 

What makes a good snack for PCOS? 

It’s not what you may think. 

Here’s my criteria: 

  1. Includes foods you enjoy. 
  2. Will satisfy your hunger. 
  3. Helps you feel your best. 

I find that most people feel their best and most satisfied when they include protein + fat + fiber at meals and snacks. It may be all three or a combo of two. Either way, protein, fat and fiber each help provide needed nutrients, stabilize blood sugar, and promote satiety. 

10 Best Snack Ideas for PCOS:

The Snack Plate: cheese + fruit + nuts + veggies + grain

Trail Mix: try this combo for good dose of minerals like magnesium; almonds + pepitas + cashews + dark chocolate; make-ahead for the week!

Meat stick + To-Go Fruit: My favorite meat stick is CHOMPS (no added sugar, simple ingredients)

Classic Nut Butter + Crackers: try choosing a whole grain cracker for more fiber

Yogurt + Nut butter + Fruit: I recommend a plain or lightly-sweetened Greek, Skyr or full-fat yogurt. Granola or chia seeds could be fun additions, too!

Guacamole + Bell Peppers + Whole Grain Tortilla Chips

Hummus + Veggies: Carrots, celery, and cucumber work great!

Hard-boiled egg + Cheese + Grapes

Protein Bar: I recommend Rx Bars or KIND nut bars. 

Tuna + Avocado + Crackers: Mix mashed avocado and tuna to make a spread. 

Remember, snacks can be a good thing with PCOS! Listen to your body’s needs and ENJOY! 

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