A mother’s body should be loved, never punished. It’s extraordinary to be a mother, but motherhood often comes with significant change. One of these changes is physical, and although much of these changes subside, some of them stay. Plus, add on the time caring for a child, twice as much laundry, and little sleep—life is completely different. But we’re still so hard on ourselves to be better and look different. You don’t have to live this way.

Yes, it is important that we take care ourselves and do our best at life and motherhood. But in regards to nutrition and health, this doesn’t just mean changing your physical appearance. I challenge you to start seeking to care for your body, instead of changing it’s appearance.

There are, of course, many ways you can choose to care for your body. I’m highlighting three ways show your body respect, kindness, and appreciation.

Three ways to body kindness!

Accept It & Allow It To Change

It’s plain and simple, bodies change. Even in the absence of pregnancy and motherhood, your body would still change over time. Our society and diet culture puts a HUGE emphasis and halting or “correcting” these changes. It’s all nonsense! We are meant to CHANGE!

When you begin to accept that your body will change over time, disconnect your worth from your appearance, and seek to care for your body instead of change it, you will find peace with yourself. This is where health happens.

Action: Make a list of ways you can care for your body, without seeking to change it’s appearance. Do these things.

Trust & Listen To It

Your body is smart. Very smart. For some reason, we’ve all gotten to a place where we reject what our bodies say, for what other people say. This has caused confusion, dissatisfaction, poor food relationships, and likely poorer health.

Instead of listening to external rules, what if we each started tuning in and listening to our bodies? This promotes trust, building your own structure, understanding your individual needs, and eventually better health.

I understand the need for structure, but a rigid diet and food rules are not the answer. I swear it takes a LOT less time to listen to yourself and learn to trust your cues than it does to count everything you eat. It can be life-changing, too.

Action: Start tracking your hunger, fullness, and satisfaction on a scale of 1-10 before, during, and after your eat. Write it down if you wish, or take mental note. Start learning about yourself!

Nourish It Well

A well-fed and nourished mom is an energized and present mom. We have a LOT going on as moms, and prioritizing self-care is hard, but you will be better for it.

Nutrition is just one form of self-care. Learning what foods make you feel well, energized, and satisfied can be a great way to show yourself kindness and respect. Instead of restriction, rules or worry, choose foods that you enjoy AND nourish you well.

You might consider starting with ensuring you eat a variety of foods that cover the basics—carbohydrates (yes, these are NOT bad), protein, and fat. Have an addition mindset—-add a veggie at breakfast, add protein to lunch, add another meal made at home each week.

Action: Make a list of food you enjoy, need for nourishment, and make you feel good! Keep these foods on your regular grocery list!

Accept, Trust, Nourish

You don’t need someone else to tell you exactly what to do. All you need is you! Accepting your body, trusting it, and nourishing it with kindness is absolutely key to being well in your mom-bod!

If you need guidance and support on how to implement these concepts into your own life, visit my coaching page to learn more and book a discovery call! I can’t wait to meet you!

With joy,